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Hear Abhilasha Sinha’s Stirring Debut Single ‘Mother’

The New Delhi-bred singer-songwriter, who’s now based in New York, is prepping a three-track EP

Anurag Tagat May 10, 2019

Singer-songwriter Abhilasha Sinha. Photo: Kriti Bisaria

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After releasing a shape-shifting electronic record as part of No Honey, singer-songwriter Abhilasha Sinha turns to one of the most enduring and endearing subject of all time for her debut solo single – mothers.

Part of New Delhi soul/pop trio RIVER with fellow singer-songwriters Kamakshi Khanna and Tarana Marwah, Sinha moved to the U.S. to pursue a course in Music Business at New York University late last year. Her first solo material began taking shape in mid-2017, outside of her work with No Honey and RIVER. “It was a tumultuous time. Before that, the past year had been an exercise in learning how to write a song, listening to lot of music, learning an instrument (the ukulele, and now guilele) and just creating,” she says.

The melody for “Mother” came together in a few minutes according to Sinha, but then it took months to develop. She adds that the song “came in a moment of childlike realization” when she had moved cities and was very ill. “Until then, I was living at home with my parents and I would have done anything at that time to live by myself – and when I finally did (at 23, the age that my mother had me) – I realized just how much my own mother had sacrificed and done for me so I could have this,” she says.

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The joyous song – co-produced, mixed and mastered by producer-guitarist Keshav Dhar – brings together cinematic elements, especially Sinha’s folksy, sublime delivery that paints a picture of stars, storms and morning light. “It wasn’t supposed to be a tribute or anything – it’s just a very simple truth about a mother’s protection and love,” she says. “Mother” features bassist Harshit Misra aka Hashbass, drummer Shantanu Sudarshan, pianist Jon Abrams, string arrangement by Randy Slaugh and choir vocals from Sinha’s alma mater, Lady Sri Ram College’s Western Music Society.

“Mother” is the first of three songs that will release as part of Sinha’s debut EP, which is currently untitled. Up next is the first Hindi song she’s ever written, “Tum Ho Yahaan,” which will release in June and her personal favorite “Hold Your Pride.” Of course, New York City is encouraging Sinha to write more material that will release later this year. She says, “New York has surprisingly made me write both some gritty, darker songs as well as some sunshine-y love ditties. It’s quite the pendulum.”

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