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Hear AM.E.R’s Pop-Tinged Debut EP ‘Songs (for you)’

The six-track record follows the Jalandhar artist’s previous singles ‘No Story’ and ‘Doing Fine’

David Britto Jul 20, 2021

Jalandhar-bred pop artist Amer Khosla aka AM.E.R. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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Over the last year, Jalandhar-bred pop artist Amer Khosla aka AM.E.R popped up on the scene with two pop-rock singles; “No Story” and “Doing Fine.” Since then, the musician – who is heavily influenced by indie-pop, dream-pop as well as lo-fi sonic elements – has put together his six-track debut EP Songs (for you).

Work on the new record began this past January. According to the artist, the EP is about a constant feeling of stagnancy and an inability to find answers. He says, “There is no arc to many of the songs here per se, as an arc implies learning. With the lockdown and everything, I felt like those life lessons suddenly became harder to learn, and that is what is reflected here.”

Sonically, Khosla flirts with dreamy soundscapes as the EP includes lush tunes (“Tides” and “So High”), groove-oriented songs (“Sometimes” and “Virtual Love”) and laidback tracks (“Sonder” and “Autumn Leaves”). While AM.E.R produced a majority of the EP, he roped in fellow musician Danny Sullivan to co-produce some bits of it. Sullivan also mixed and mastered the record.

As he continues to develop music as AM.E.R, Khosla also wants to begin making beats and hip-hop music too. The artist is already looking ahead to his next body of work. He says, “I hope to drop a narrative album.” The producer adds, “I know dropping an EP or an album isn’t advised when you’re a small artist with no reach, but I want my released music to be reflective of who I am and what I sound like at that moment; with singles, I feel like there’s an artificial dichotomy at play.”

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Stream ‘Songs (for you)’ on Spotify below and on other platforms.

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