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Hear Ambient Producer Eashwar Subramanian’s Antidote for Uncertain Times

The Bengaluru artist’s latest EP ‘Random Hues’ leans on abstraction as well as themes of nature

Anurag Tagat Aug 01, 2020

Bengaluru ambient producer Eashwar Subramanian. Photo: Suresh Kumar/GK Vale

Eashwar Subramanian has never been to Shillong, but the heavenly, cinematic treat that’s “Shillong Pass” — from his new record Random Hues — employs Tibetan bells and more to do well to take the listener to a higher plane. Subramanian tells us he took inspiration from stories that one of his colleagues from Shillong would tell him, plus visual references to create what he calls “a monastic track.”

The rest of the six-song EP (released via Bengaluru-based Subcontinental Records) had its start point earlier this year, when Subramanian’s EP Across the River released in February. “The idea was to create some ambient meditative tracks that resonate with the uncertain and trying circumstances we are facing since the onset of Covid-19,” he says. In trying to find the right headspace and cues to create transportive music, Subramanian says it was “fairly challenging” but he honed in on a message.

Songs such as “The Shrine” and “Pristine Beauty” focus on commanding lead portions of string arrangements and the introduction of percussive elements, respectively while “The Birds Sang Again” is imbued with cinematic fervor. “For a Moment of Despair” is suitably somber and “Reminiscence” returns to the familiar bittersweet sonic storytelling that Subramanian’s previous material delves into. He adds, “Observing the irony of humanity being locked in, and visuals of  birds and animals returning to the natural habitats across the world quite prompted the construct of the tracks.”

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Subramanian agrees that it’s been tougher for him to spend quality time on music during the lockdown, but adds that it’s also been a very productive period nevertheless. With tracks featured on compilations such as Social Isolation and Aaj Kal, there’s more work underway for the producer. “There are a few releases and licenses in the works, but I am looking forward to the compilation to be released by noted ambient pioneer Pete Namlook’s label. That is expected to release sometime later this year,” he says.

Listen to ‘Random Hues’ EP below. Stream on Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube.


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