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Hear Anukriti’s Saccharine Debut Single ‘6’4’

The Jaipur/Doha-bred artist has released a DIY video with the track

David Britto Jul 28, 2021

Jaipur/Doha-bred singer-songwriter Anukriti. Photo: Tyesha Kohli

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Singer-songwriter Anukriti Menon – who goes by her first name – grew up between Jaipur and Doha and informs us that she’s been singing all her life. However, the young artist admits that becoming a musician was an unspoken dream of hers. She says, “It wasn’t until I went to college in New Delhi and joined the Western music society that I realized that this was what I’ve always wanted to do.” While thriving in that environment, Anukriti then moved to Mumbai to study at the True School of Music. Recently, the singer-songwriter earned a scholarship to join Boston’s Berklee College of Music. She says, “It felt like a sign from the universe to keep going.”

Last week, the artist released her debut delightful single “6’4.” According to Anukriti, the new track revolves around the theme of unrequited love. She says, “’6’4’ became a metaphor for people who were out of reach, literally and figuratively. I’ve often had short-lived crushes on people who were way out of my league. This song is about all those crushes.” Sonically, “6’4” is built around the singer-songwriter’s love for R&B and pop music with its polished guitar parts and her breezy vocals.

Anukriti recorded her vocals at her home studio while guitarist Mukul Jiwnani and producer Ishaan Jagyasi helped flesh out the song while Vaibhav Ahuja mixed and mastered it. “I’ve enjoyed working with all of them before, so the entire process was very smooth sailing,” says the artist. The singer-songwriter also put together a DIY music video for the track that sees her at her on-camera best. “It took us two weeks to make it, and I’m grateful to have had my friends around me to help me out with everything,” she says. While she preps for her move to Boston, Anukriti promises to keep releasing more songs. “I’ve just started out so there’s more music on the way,” says the singer-songwriter.

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Watch the music video for “6’4” below and stream the song on other platforms.

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