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Hear Apoorva’s Vocal Layered Debut Single ‘I got you but you can’t be mine’

The Bengaluru artist produced, mixed and mastered the song herself

David Britto Sep 03, 2020

Bengaluru artist Apoorva. Photo: Aravind

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Heavily influenced by her Indian classical vocalist mother, Bengaluru musician Apoorva Michelle – who goes by her first name – absorbed plenty of musical sensibilities growing up. During her schooling, she picked up the piano, but it was only a couple of years ago when she started to take songwriting seriously. Apoorva says, “My mental health started to degrade and I began to write songs as catharsis, inspired by what was going on around, my experiences of relationships, and about my mental health.”

Writing songs allowed Apoorva to voice herself creatively as she explains that she’s not the type of person to share personal experiences. During the lockdown, the musician began working on plenty of new tunes and one that was born out of those sessions is the angelic vocal layered offering “I got you but you can’t be mine,” which Apoorva has recently released.

The new track abounds in salient vocal harmonies over subtle production elements. Clocking in at just over the two-minute mark, Apoorva’s vocals emit raw emotion as she sings about toxic relationships and overcoming it. She says, “The song reflects on how a relationship appears uncomplicated at first glance, but to maintain a relationship as right as rain is a struggle.” The artist adds, “These struggles include a floating fortress between our values, thoughts, ideologies, and mental health.” The singer-songwriter produced, mixed and mastered the song herself while taking advice on how to go about it from sound engineer Lopixl.

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Interestingly Apoorva terms herself as a bedroom artist as she’s so far avoided performing live. However, the musician is keen to experiment and change that fact as she grows in her craft. Apart from writing songs during the lockdown, Apoorva has been keeping a tab on her mental health and resumed online classes for her Bachelor’s degree

With a lyric video coming out soon for “I got you but you can’t be mine,” the singer-songwriter is also prepping her next single. She says, “I want to invest more time in the process as I am experimenting with different genres.” Apoorva also has plans to release an EP over the next two years and is eager to pursue a Master’s in Vocal Performance and learn about orchestration and film scores. “Personally, I think this journey requires consistency in work and patience, which I persistently try to practice,” says this singer-producer.

Stream “I got you but you can’t be mine” on Spotify below and on Apple Music.

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