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Hear Ash Roy Deliver Unhinged Techno on Latest EP ‘Tesseract’

The Berlin/Kolkata DJ-producer veteran goes full volume on his latest four-track record via his label Soupherb

Anurag Tagat Sep 22, 2020

DJ-producer Ash Roy. Photo: Courtesy of Soupherb Records

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Electronic music producers and DJs across the board have been aware of the fact that no one’s going clubbing anytime soon in India and several other parts of the world owing to COVID-19. The response from seasoned artists such as Kohra and OX7GEN has been to create more introspective, wavy collections of sounds whose end goal isn’t necessarily to make people dance.

Over in Berlin, Indian techno mainstay Ash Roy has pretty much gone in the opposite direction with his latest EP Tesseract. Featuring four tracks across 29 minutes that have arrived on September 21st via his co-founded label Soupherb, Roy goes hard and relentless like the seasoned beatsmith he is on Tesseract. First known in electronic music circles for his work in Indian electronica’s pioneering group Jalebee Cartel, Roy moved to Germany in 2016 and later established duo act Bit of Both with Ashvin Mani Sharma. Roy says that Tesseract is “drawing inspiration from Berlin’s underground dance music culture and vibe.” A press note adds, “Ash Roy took this opportunity to write this EP in his Berlin home studio. The uncertainty of touring and performing led Ash to pour his emotions out in his new EP.”

The opening title track clocks in at about eight minutes and features sinister synth lines over indefatigable techno beats. It transitions into “Spectral” with its clever percussive pads and swirling, elastic synth lines while running into a dizzying bridge. Carrying forward the pace on “Magnitude,” Roy adds a good dose of menacingly cinematic patterns as elements dissolve and bubble back up. The producer neatly ties it all together to close off on “Skyrocket,” which provides pause for just a brief moment before Roy heaps back on the familiar euphoric techno energy that can likely turn dancefloors upside down.

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Currently in Kolkata, Roy promises a socially-distanced rager of a gig on September 27th at Mist at Club Fenicia. Get details here.

Listen to ‘Tesseract’ EP below and on BeatPort and Apple Music.

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