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Hear Assam Producer GLTCH and Singer Harmfool’s Seductive Debut ‘On Me’

Producer Souvik Das turns away from the commercial remix scene to launch a new audio-visual project

Anurag Tagat Jul 02, 2019

Hip-hop/trap producer GLTCH aka Souvik Das. Photo: Sourav Paul

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In his not-so-distant past, Tinsukia, Assam producer and recording engineer Souvik Das would remix songs by Punjabi rappers like Ikka and craft ethnic-tinged EDM bangers under the moniker Xouvyc. Das says, “I moved on from it, because it was mostly into Bollywood and I wanted to do something unique.”

On May 31st, he launched his new project GLTCH with a chill, hip-hop and trap-informed smooth song called “On Me,” featuring singer and producer Adam Mahfuz aka Harmfool. A fellow Tinsukia native, Mahfuz picked up production chops from Das, who has been active since around 2012. Das – currently based in Pune – explains, “He hit me up on WhatsApp a few months back with this new idea, and I was awestruck. I knew this was going to be the debut release of GLTCH. He’s like a younger brother to me.”

There’s a familiar wistfulness with “On Me” that makes it fit right in with the current crop of lo-fi, laidback hip-hop and trap songs. To add to it, Das mentions that the GLTCH website is currently being planned with an eye on mental health. “There will be a special page for people with anxiety and depression. We’ll be giving out free help to them with the help of a practicing psychologist,” Das says.

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GLTCH has been in the works since 2017, with the visual part being handled by Pune-based graphic designer Piyush Kandalkar. While a VFX-heavy, cyberpunk-inspired video for “On Me” is slated to release this month, GLTCH is also keen on going live. Das says, “It’s going to be different from normal DJ sets. We’ll be incorporating analog and modular synthesizers in our live shows, along-with hypnotic visuals, of course.”

Listen to “On Me” below. Hear it on Spotify, JioSaavn and Apple Music.

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