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Hear Avanti Singh’s Poignant New Song ‘No Stalgia’

The Mumbai-bred artist’s latest track includes production from Jash Mistry and piano parts by Ananya Roy

David Britto Dec 09, 2021

Mumbai-bred artist Avanti Singh. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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During the monsoon of 2020, Mumbai-born artist Avanti Singh found herself sitting with her guitar and a cup of tea. At the time, Singh had just discovered how to play major seventh chords and began noodling with her six-string and soon stumbled upon a riff. That riff would eventually be the bedrock for her recently released emotional track “No Stalgia.”

According to Singh, the song is about an overload of memories. She says, “Nostalgia for my past relationships and nostalgia for the city (Mumbai).” The artist adds, “I fondly look back at the good stuff and chalk everything else up to experience.”

Singh has also cleverly split up the word “nostalgia” for the song’s title. About the thought process behind this the musician says, “Usually when you’re nostalgic about a shitty relationship, you don’t want that nostalgia. So ‘No Stalgia’ was our way of indicating that sometimes you feel intense nostalgic pangs for something that happened so long ago, but you kind of don’t want it anymore because you’ve come to terms with it.”

Sonically, the track includes wistful guitar plucking as well as angelic piano parts by Ananya Roy, with Singh’s controlled and bold vocals carrying the song. Mumbai-based Jash Mistry produced the track. On working with Mistry, Singh says, “He added all these beautiful elements to the song that give it an ethereal feel.” Guitar and vocals for “No Stalgia” were recorded at Mumbai’s Headroom Studios while Hersh Desai mastered the song.

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Currently, 19-year-old Singh is transferring to Boston’s Berklee College of Music from the University of California, Los Angeles to focus on making music her full-time career. With over 20 songs in her locker, the artist is keen on releasing an EP sometime next year. “I definitely want to start gigging and I’ve applied for some gigs here in America since I’m based here for a while,” says Singh. 

Stream “No Stalgia” on Spotify below and on other platforms.

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