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Hear Bengaluru Rockers Another Kind of Green’s Rousing New Song ‘Moonlight Swing’

The fourth single off their upcoming album ‘Plain Good Feeling’ includes gang vocals and high-energy riffs

Anurag Tagat Sep 14, 2020

Another Kind of Green. Photo: Armaan Mishra

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As if it wasn’t challenging enough to maneuver remote recording sessions and having reliable internet connections to create songs during lockdown, Bengaluru band Another Kind of Green went one step further and got about 20 fans to record themselves singing a hook on their latest rock ‘n roll tune “Moonlight Swing.”

Vocalist Shikha Chandrashekhar says that the band sifted through an older live video of their performance and were surprised at how the crowd roared along to it. They reached out to listeners via social media and worked it into “Moonlight Swing,” the fourth single off their upcoming debut album Plain Good Feeling. The song was written a few months prior to the pandemic and recorded with guidance from their drummer-producer Sanket Chakraborty over video calls from Clay Art Media studio. Bassist Vishal Varier says since everyone in the band was in different cities by this time, they all had to get a bit tech-savvy and figure out their gear. “The entire recording process was thus engineered by Sanket, over video calls, including mic setup, gain staging and navigating the recording software, among many other things.”

Offering straight up springy, bright riffs and roomy drum work that recalls glam and hard rock songwriting, Chandrashekhar’s vocals cut right through as fun-loving, taking the listener along on a night out. Varier points out that “Moonlight Swing” fits right into Another Kind of Green’s self-described tag of “Fun-Rock” as well. “I feel like the song ticks because of how it takes off from the refrain section and carries on relentlessly with dynamic and time-feel shifts from there; sort of mirroring a journey, which is what the song is about thematically.”

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Making music over Zoom calls may be manageable even if it’s “bizarre,” but the bassist adds that they do want to get back in a jam room together soon enough when it’s safe. Chandrashekhar believes that there’s no better time to put out music since phone usage has likely gone up during the pandemic, which means higher chances of people tuning in to recorded music. But she also adds, “Now all we want to do is perform it [‘Moonlight Swing’] live again so we can hear a crowd sing it out even louder!”

Listen to “Moonlight Swing” below. Stream on more platforms here.

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