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Hear Bengaluru Synth-Pop Duo Us and I’s Melancholic Debut EP ‘Loveless’

The record comprises four wavy tracks by singer-songwriter Bidisha Kesh and producer Gaurav Govilkar

Anurag Tagat Sep 08, 2021

Bengaluru synthpop duo Us and I's Bidisha Kesh and Gaurav Govilkar. Photo: Bidisha Kesh

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Formed two years ago in Bengaluru, Bidisha Kesh and Gaurav Govilkar present a polished and even-tempered sound on their swirling, melancholy-driven debut EP Loveless.

The first set of songs to come from the duo, the four-track Loveless sees the producer and singer duo invoke the dancefloor-friendly style of Beach House and the sad yet defiant sound of artists like Chromatics on songs like “Fragile,” “Butterflies” and “Phases.” They close off with the more plaintive, steadily built trip that’s “First Love.”

Govilkar says “Butterflies” was the most recent track added to the EP, even though it was among those that was created “naturally,” along with “First Love.” He adds, “These songs were written in almost a day each.” While deciding on the songs that eventually made it on to the EP, Kesh and Govilkar picked “Butterflies” to fit in the best with the other three tracks.

While there’s a resolute dip into synth-pop and dream pop on Loveless, “Phases” and “Fragile” were initially written on ukulele and acoustic guitar. “Transforming acoustic songs to synth-driven tracks took some time and we went back and forth with the song structures. But ultimately we achieved the sound that we were going for on this EP,” Govilkar says. Loveless is subdued in parts but also leaps for electro-pop grandiosity and finesse, with varying success.

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Best known for his work as guitarist, producer and composer with Bengaluru prog band Coma Rossi, Govilkar leaves barely a trace of it with Us and I, and that’s not really a complaint. The producer says the best setting for the EP is “a late-night drive or grooving in your room alone, in the dark.”

Us and I have also been taking the sound from their room to the world, with a handful of virtual performances out of the way. Govilkar adds, “We are working on a music video for one of the tracks currently which will be released following the EP. We also have plans to put out a single later in 2021.”

Listen to ‘Loveless’ EP below. Stream on more platforms here.

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