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Hear Bhopal Metallers KillKount’s Unsparing New Song ‘Schizophrenic Machine Kill’

The track is taken from their upcoming debut album ‘Konflict & Terror’

Anurag Tagat Nov 28, 2019

Bhopal/Pune/Mumbai brutal death metal band KillKount. Photo: Tushar Kaidal

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At their violent and grisly best, Bhopal-bred brutal death metal band KillKount have released their latest single “Schizophrenic Machine Kill.” It follows their 2017 debut single “Korruption Kauses Katastrophe,” both of which will be part of their full-length album Konflict & Terror.

Moving through chugging riffs and incisive harmonics, the band — guitarist Divyanshu Gupta, vocalist Vishal Dalwani, drummer Aditya Oke, guitarist Laksh Thamman and bassist Mradul Singhal — amp up a classic, unstoppable brutal death metal and slam-informed track. The band says in a statement, “We have incorporated various themes, ranging from cyclic conflict, nihilistic existentialism, nukes, serial killers and everyone’s favorite deranged super soldier, The Punisher.”

The nine-track Konflict & Terror, which is slated to release in 2020, features more of the band’s obsession with all things deathly and the letter K. The tracklist includes songs like “Koffin Leader,” “Korpsified!” and “HollowKast.”

The band says about the record, “This album comprises of the songs we have written, modified, and performed over the last five years of our existence. Produced by Aakash Sherpa (Anomaly Sound Designs, frontman of Sukhna metallers If Hope Dies), the album sports an extreme, yet clean and precise yet organic sound, that hits hard on all fronts […] It’s chaotic, violent, and full of commentary on various evils present in the world we live.”

Killkount artwork for the album ‘Konflict & Terror’ by Shubham Jha

Konflict & Terror tracklist

1. “Memento Mori”
2. “Konflict & Terror”
3. “HollowKast”
4. “W.M.D.”
5. “Schizophrenic Machine Kill”
6. “Korruption Kauses Katastrophe (Re-Recorded)”
7. “Korpsified!”
8. “Koffin Feeder”
9. “Limbless”

Listen to “Schizophrenic Machine Kill” below.

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