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Hear Bhopal Singer-Songwriter Aaditya Rakheja’s Misty R&B Single ‘Seher’

The track includes harmonic guitar parts as well as a lush piano solo

David Britto Aug 25, 2020

Bhopal singer-songwriter Aaditya Rakheja. Photo: Pehel Aggarwal

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Growing up in Bhopal allowed singer-songwriter Aaditya Rakheja to shape his sensibilities in plenty of ways. Driving through landscapes with the music turned up, the musician says he formed “deep-rooted connections” with family and friends too. After moving to the U.K. for three years to attain a degree in genetics from the University of Manchester, Rakheja says, “The exposure I got throughout my uni days, both as a musician and as a person has been amazing.”

The musician went on to use that exposure and experience to his benefit by releasing his first two singles, “Kashmakash” and “Parchhayee” earlier this year. Both tracks have garnered over 100,000 streams each on Spotify alone. Not one to be distracted by numbers, the singer-songwriter quite eloquently says, “I really wanted to make sure that music remains a game of emotions for me and not a game of numbers.” Rakheja is doing just that and tugging at heartstrings once again with his latest recently released R&B single “Seher.”

While “Parchhayee” was themed around evenings, the beautifully arranged “Seher” revolves around mornings. “This was not a conscious decision, but I just had really fond memories of beautiful winter mornings so that became the setting to write something vulnerable and romantic,” says Rakheja. The soulful 6/8 track includes harmonic guitar layers by Chaitanya Bhaidkar, a jazz leaning piano solo from Jarvis Menezes as well as Rakheja’s poignant vocals.

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“Seher” was co-produced, mixed and mastered by Bhopal-based sound engineer Aman Arakh. Rakheja also recorded the track at Arakh’s home studio. “We used to jam together as 14-year-olds in boarding school and I genuinely believe that friendship and level of comfort between us realize the vision of the song,” says the singer-songwriter.

During the lockdown, the musician has taken it up to improve his singing game and enrolled himself with vocal coaches Shannon Donald and Isheeta Chakrvarty. Rakheja has also used the time to write plenty of new songs including an English track. He says, “I hope I can share that very soon as well.”

Stream “Seher” below on Spotify and on other platforms

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