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Hear Bianca Love Reminisce About Love on New Single ‘Time’

The song is off the U.S.-based singer-songwriter’s forthcoming debut album ‘Seamless’

David Britto Oct 19, 2021

U.S.-based singer-songwriter Bianca Love. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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While growing up in New Orleans, singer-songwriter Bianca Love recalls listening to tons of Motown, soul, gospel, bebop and blues music as well as soaking in the brilliant brass bands from the city. However, being brought up in a conservative Indian household came with its challenges and dismay towards the arts. “I became rebellious, determined to create sounds that mimic those that I heard all around me,” says Love.

When Love’s family sent her to India for academic purposes, the artist in her began performing extensively across the country in Kolkata, Pune and Mumbai while also releasing her own material. In 2015, she recalls receiving the news that her father was diagnosed with stage four stomach cancer and says, “I became closer to my family but was also admonished for not having a job other than music.” Love adds, “My mother gifted me a trumpet, after my father passed, and I started practicing for hours a day as I recalled the streets of New Orleans.”

After returning to The Big Easy in 2017, Love began her mentorship under bandleader and pianist Jesse Mcbride and found her way performing at Jazz Fest New Orleans the following year, seven years after her family disallowed her to play at the same festival. Now, Love is out with the first single off her forthcoming debut album Seamless in the shape of the elegant “Time.”

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Talking about the new song, Love says, “It’s about the bittersweet reminiscence of love and how it changes with time even as you try to maintain a grasp of it. The sound, much like the lyrics, creates a vessel between a Sixties ballad and modern-day live production.” The singer’s enchanting vocals fill the song with a wholesome feeling while trumpeter Maurice Brown (from Anderson .Paak and the Free Nationals and Tedeschi Trucks) produced the song and also added honeyed horn parts. The song has been mixed and mastered by five-time Grammy winner “Bassy” Bob Brockmann.

Love has also released a music video for the song which was shot in New York and Los Angeles and showcases the environment changing around her while she’s stuck in time.

The singer-songwriter’s upcoming album Seamless is set to have seven tracks and will include songs about her life over the past five years. “It speaks a lot about coming to terms with reality as it combines elements of soul, blues, spoken word, funk, hip-hop, and contemporary jazz,” says Love.

After performing in Los Angeles recently, Love is keen on returning to India to gig again in the near future. Ask the musician what her plans are after Seamless is out and she says, “My next album after Seamless will reflect the growth I’ve experienced by overcoming my tribulations and dedicating my life to the study and conversation of Black American Music.”

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Watch the video for “Time” below:

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