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Hear Chennai Singer-Songwriter Aakash Rajan’s Uplifting Debut EP ‘Life Is Fiction’

The three-track record is filled with optimism and positivity

David Britto Sep 30, 2020

Chennai singer-songwriter Aakash Rajan. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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Trained in Carnatic vocals as a toddler, Chennai singer-songwriter Aakash Rajan was hardly exposed to any other type of music until he turned 12. After discovering artists such as composer A. R. Rahman and bands like Bon Jovi and Metallica, his mind broadened. He says, “It made me wonder, ‘What went behind making the song?’” Rajan began writing and producing his own material four years ago and now the 19-year-old is out with his debut three-track EP Life Is Fiction.

When the singer-songwriter wrote the songs for the record, he initially only wanted to release the title track as a single, which was featured in our Monthly Playlist this past August. “I later decided to compile the other two songs and put it out as an EP,” he says.

Life Is Fiction opens with the moody “Leave Me Alone” in which Rajan sings to the troublemakers and negative people in one’s life. He says, “It’s the state of not being mad at it, but being mature about it and making ‘peace.’” Things amp up on the gusty “Before It’s Too Late” where the singer-songwriter turns the tables and embraces folks who are important to someone. The EP closes with the chilled-out title track which is about “a new perspective to life.” The artist adds, “Whatever happens in life, it’s all an illusion and you should not fall for it.”

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Sonically, the record includes Rajan’s pop vocal melodies and arrangements filled with guitar and keyboard parts as well as percussion grooves that complement the music. Life Is Fiction was recorded at multiple bedroom studios with the singer-songwriter’s musician friends such as guitarists Hrday Sunil and Aaditya Kotkar contributing to the record. The EP was mastered by Shivam Vyas.

Rajan – who is currently pursuing Audio Engineering in Pune – has been writing a lot of new material of late and has plans to put out another EP soon. Also, his duo project dusk&iris with fellow singer-songwriter Kalpajit Kar is prepping to release a follow-up to this year’s 12-track debut album His Story of Solitude. “I’m looking to collaborate & work with new artists,” says the musician.

Stream ‘Life Is Fiction’ on Spotify below and on other platforms.

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