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Hear Composer-Producer Neelesh Mandalapu’s New Jazz Ballad ‘Through The Window’

The track also features U.K.-based vocalist Francesca Confortini

David Britto Jan 26, 2021

Hyderabad-based composer and producer Neelesh Mandalapu. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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In 2016, Hyderabad-based composer and producer Neelesh Mandalapu graduated from the University of Bristol in the U.K. in guitar performance and a master’s in composition for film and television. Since then, Mandalapu returned to India and has been active in the film industries in Mumbai and down south too. He says, “Music has been an insurmountable passion for me.”

Now, Mandalapu is out with a brand-new single, via record label Voxxora Music, in the shape of the jazz ballad “Through The Window.” According to the artist, the song is based on the concept of how introverts might shy away from approaching a person they are keen on starting a relationship with. Mandalapu says, “This track is from a female perspective and the protagonist of the song yearns for love while fighting her coy instincts.” He adds, “She finally musters the courage to ask for a fulfilling life. Drawing parallels to the current scenario of the world, ‘Through The Window’ focuses on a brighter future.”

Sonically, the song uses a vintage yet modern jazz arrangement with soothing and lush orchestration. There’s stellar vocals by U.K-based singer Francesca Confortini, spine-tingling saxophone from London’s Jonathan Hamer, quaint flute parts by Canada artist Erica Wong and additional orchestration from Mexico City-based David Lemus. The song was recorded and produced by Mandalapu while he was a student in the U.K. at multiple places and mixed by him at Hyderabad’s Temple of Sound Studio. Oli Morgan at London’s Abbey Road Studios mastered the track.

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Next, Mandalapu is lining up more releases and plans on venturing into the electronica and ambient space while also experimenting with folk and classical music. He’s also planning on more collaborations with international artists. The musician says, “I am also working on a couple of Telegu films this year, along with collaborating as a music producer and orchestrator.”

Stream “Through The Window” on Spotify below and on other platforms

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