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Hear DASHA’s Sugary New Single ‘Better Than She Did’

The American singer-songwriter also talks about how she’s grown as an artist over the years

David Britto Dec 01, 2020

American artist DASHA. Photo: Mikey Newell

American artist DASHA is quick to tell us how lucky she is to be able to call San Luis Obispo her home. The California native explains that there’s quite a big music scene community on the central coast of the state, where she’s honed her craft playing coffee shop gigs. “That’s when I fell in love with writing and performing original music,” says DASHA.

Recently, the singer-songwriter released her latest pop single “Better Than She Did,” off her forthcoming EP. In this interview, she tells us more about the song as well as what she has in store next. Read excerpts below.

Over the last three years you’ve released a bunch of singles, how do you think your evolution as an artist has been over that span of time?

Stylistically as an artist, songwriter and singer I’ve seen a lot of positive change. I think the past few years were a big part of my development as an artist. I explored different styles and genres of writing in my own music, as well as visually with branding and social presence. Earlier this year, I feel like I authentically landed on exactly who I want to be as an artist and how I want to show up in the world. That being said, I don’t think I will ever stop changing and becoming better. 

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What can you tell me about your latest single “Better Than She Did”?

I had a lot of fun with the rhyme scheme and writing the rhythm of the words. The lyrics themselves make their own type of beat outside of the production. I’m super proud of the clever rhymes we were able to make work in this track. Lyrically, ‘Better Than She Did’ has a theme of referencing the past with ‘her’ and comparing it to the present with ‘me.’ It’s a very real thing I catch myself doing, comparing myself to ‘his’ past flings. This song is almost a reminder to myself to stop doing that.

I recorded and produced the vocals and background vocals myself in my home studio. My good friend Tony Chetta in Nashville, Tennessee produced and mixed the track and it was mastered by Alex Dobbert.

How have you coped during the pandemic?

Honestly, the pandemic has been a great excuse for myself and a lot of other musicians to take a pause and focus on writing and recording a ton of music. Ever since quarantine started, I have never been so musically productive. I think this whole thing was a blessing in disguise. 

Have you been to India before? And would ever consider touring here once the world heals completely?

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I haven’t been yet but would absolutely love to visit and tour there once we are able to. It would be such a dream to explore and experience a new part of the world.

 What’s next for you?

The ‘Better Than She Did’ music video will be dropping in January, as well as the third single and title track off the EP set to release in early 2021. I also have a dance cover of ‘Losing My Religion’ [by American alternative rock band R.E.M] out this month with LYFES. It’s been really exciting seeing my fan base grow outside of the U.S.

Listen to “Better Than She Did” on Spotify below and on other platforms