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Hear David Gilmour’s Tender Cover of Beatles Ballad

“I really wish I had been in the Beatles,” Pink Floyd guitarist reveals for “Here, There and Everywhere” release

Daniel Kreps Aug 25, 2015
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David Gilmour has shared his tender, sweeping rendition of the Beatles ballad “Here, There and Everywhere.” The Revolver cover, which Gilmour recorded with his son Joe, will be released as part of Mojo magazine’s David Gilmour & Friends compilation. The comp will collect Gilmour’s collaborations with artists like the Orb, Phil Manzanera and Robert Wyatt, but the track will not appear on the guitarist’s upcoming solo LP Rattle That Lock, due out September 18th.

In his interview with Mojo, Gilmour talked about the impact the Beatles had on him as a musician. “I really wish I had been in the Beatles,” Gilmour said. “[They] taught me how to play guitar; I learnt everything. The bass parts, the lead, the rhythm, everything. They were fantastic.” (Coincidentally, when Gilmour spoke to Rolling Stone recently about the end of Pink Floyd, he alluded to a George Harrison song: “All things must pass.”)

According to Mojo, the Pink Floyd guitarist sent them his cover of the Revolver classic two years ago, and after some convincing, he finally allowed the magazine to release the track. While the rocker remains mostly faithful to the Beatles version, his take contains a majestic guitar solo that is trademark Gilmour.

Gilmour will hit the road in support of Rattle That Lock with a small tour in 2016. “I’ve got the band booked. I’ve got the rehearsal space booked,” Gilmour told Rolling Stone of his tour preparations. “But I haven’t even started thinking about anything to do with it yet, but it’s my next project.”

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