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Hear Eashwar Subramanian’s Soothing New Record ‘Across the River’

Released on Indian label Subcontinental Records, the Bengaluru ambient producer talks about taking his project live

Anurag Tagat Mar 04, 2020

Bengaluru ambient producer Eashwar Subramanian. Photo: Suresh Kumar/GK Vale

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Bengaluru ambient producer Eashwar Subramanian’s new album Across the River is described by his label Subcontinental Records as one that offers simplicity in a world “ridden with complexity.” The producer says that perhaps ambient music has “the power to help people shift towards an equilibrium of sorts.”

In a sense, the six-track Across the River offers an escape to a happy place for about half an hour. Subramanian adds, “Which could reaffirm the belief that the earth is beautiful and seed in the thought that the world could be too.” Emerging from improvisations and ideas that the producer expanded upon, the album works in Middle Eastern, Indian and western classical elements into vast expanses of slow, glimmering synth layers.

While Subramanian has been releasing singles on and off, he says that Subcontinental Records founder Arun Natarajan (also bassist for tech metallers Eccentric Pendulum) added his inputs about how to release a half-hour length album. The follow up to 2018’s Ambient Hamlet, Subramanian showcases more diversity and stands shoulder to shoulder amongst other ambient producers in India, including Yidam, 4lienetic and more.

Save for the one-off set at experimental gig series such as REProduce Listening Room in 2018, Subramanian hasn’t taken his music live and he says that’s going to change in 2020. He adds, “[It’s] something that I have been very apprehensive about since the time I started creating.” Additionally, collaborations are in the “very early stages of development” but he mentions, “I think it’s going to yield some interesting music.”

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Listen to ‘Across the River’ below.

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