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Hear Firuzeh Mihrshahi’s Ukulele-Aided New Single ‘Take Me to a Place’

The Pune singer-songwriter says, ‘The lyrics reflected my frame of mind that had been troubled with all the world was and has been facing’

David Britto May 04, 2021

Pune-based singer-songwriter Firuzeh Mihrshahi. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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As a kid, Pune-based singer-songwriter Firuzeh Mihrshahi tells us that she was heavily influenced by plenty of music through dance and culture. While she always enjoyed singing, songwriting is something she picked up along the way. She says, “I love to write and keep a small journal with me and scribble anything that comes to mind.” Mihrshahi explains that she prefers expressing her thoughts by writing them down rather than talking to somebody about them. “I just got comfortable with it,” she says. After releasing her pop/reggae debut single “What Are You Looking For” in 2019, the singer-songwriter is now out with her latest offering, the melancholic “Take Me to a Place.”

Mihrshahi never planned for “Take Me to a Place” to be released and instead wrote it to comfort herself with everything that has been going on in the world lately. “I was in a flow of emotions that needed to be expressed,” she says. According to her, she penned the song on her ukulele in a 15-minute session. The singer-songwriter admits that she was not mentally prepared with how the global situation surrounding the coronavirus pandemic would turn out. “[In the song] When it says, ‘Every day is a new day to start again/But I don’t think that I just have the strength this time,’ I meant exactly that,” she says. Mihrshahi’s vocal range is showcased beautifully across the moody track with guitar strains and ukulele parts filling in the empty spaces of the airy groove.

“Take Me to a Place” has been produced, mixed and mastered by Amar Pandey and Ritwik De at New Delhi’s Ghar Ka Studios. “They have done a beautiful job with everything on the song,” says the artist. Mihrshahi recorded her vocals and ukulele parts at Pune’s Gray Spark Audio. “Due to the pandemic and lockdowns that happened last year while making this song we had to work in our own spaces,” she says.

With plenty of material in her locker, Mihrshahi plans to continue working on her music and is plotting her next release for this year. The singer-songwriter says, “I’m just working on doing each song justice.”

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Stream “Take Me to a Place” on Spotify below and on other platforms

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