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Hear Ghost Elephant’s Soaring Debut Single ‘The System’

The Bengaluru-based alternative rock/metal duo is helmed by musicians Apurv Prasanna and Adrian Rodrigues

David Britto Apr 06, 2022

Bengaluru-based alternative rock/metal duo Ghost Elephant. Photos: Courtesy of the artist

After meeting in college in 2018, Bengaluru-based audio engineers; drummer Apurv Prasanna and guitarist-vocalist Adrian Rodrigues soon hit it off and began performing together in various lineups at college festivals before starting their alternative rock/metal duo Ghost Elephant in 2020. The pair are now out with their boisterous debut single “The System.”  

The band tells us that the new track came about after a random jam session. Rodrigues says, “We were bored in the studio and after a very long day decided to just dumb things down and play something simple yet catchy and that’s when that first riff kicked in.” That opening riff sets the tone for the rest of the song, which is filled with crunchy guitars, in your face heavy drums, steely vocals and more.

Lyrically, the band addresses how society has been brainwashed and that people fear authority. “We don’t want to make a political statement or anything but it’s just an interesting topic that’s been covered a billion times before and we thought we’d just give our two cents,” says Rodrigues. He adds, “Be yourself, think out of the box, be weird. It’s okay to step out of line once in a while.”

The band self-produced “The System” and got on board bassist Ralph Rajamathi to track the low end for them while recording engineer Sherwin Varghese assisted the duo. Rodrigues mixed the song and says, “Vocals were kind of tricky because I’m a little shy about my voice, but we gave it a shot and since we were going for this very raw sound, almost anything was okay!”

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Next, the band is slated to release a follow-up single in a few months and are also eager to get back on stage and play gigs. “I feel that will get things in motion and build that momentum,” says Rodrigues.

Stream “The System” on Spotify below and on other platforms.