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Hear Gin City’s Raucous New Single ‘Old and New’

The Mumbai rock outfit fire on all cylinders with their latest track

David Britto Jun 29, 2020

Mumbai rockers Gin City. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Although Mumbai rockers Gin City only formed last year, they’ve wasted little time in putting out material. The four-piece outfit comprising vocalist-guitarist Shishir Singh, drummer Swapnil Singh, bassist Dexter and guitarist Nikhil Sinha have released two singles, “Blackout” and “Ambush,” in 2019 and are now out with their latest boisterous track “Old and New.”

Shishir says, “It’s not easy finding people to get along with, let alone make new music with them. As a band, we’re not even a year old yet, but we definitely clicked.” The group seems to have done just that and click as they deliver a solid performance on the new song. Like the previous singles, “Old and New” also began with Shishir humming melodies while playing on his acoustic guitar. He says, “The whole melody and lyrics, and a basic idea of the track, were composed while I was half-asleep absolutely pissed about something I don’t remember right now.”

Sonically the band power through flanger guitar parts, a catchy melody, thumping drums as well as a tasty solo to wrap up the song. Shishir says, “It talks about the recurring issues in our lives and the stress that comes with it, be it a job, the constant displeasure with self-worth, or a dysfunctional family.”

Swapnil points out that Sinha, Shishir and himself are all producers in their own right and never considered outsourcing production to another studio or producer for the song. Gin City recorded the track at their home studio and also mixed the song themselves. “Staying true to our own musical interests and working collectively has helped us generate the unique sound for Gin City,” says Swapnil.

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The band was initially planning on putting together a tour for later this year before the COVID-19 pandemic hit the globe. Also, Sinha who is originally from New Delhi is now back in the capital due to the lockdown. He says, “The whole band effort has been moved online.” Gin City are now prepping their fourth single “Secrets” which will be out in July. “We messed around with the boundaries of a few genres and put it all together as one. This one is sure to cause quite a ruckus,” says the bassist.

Stream “Old and New” below:


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