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Hear Grungybob’s Soulful Acoustic Debut EP ‘Perfect Weather’

The project is helmed by Bengaluru artist Jitesh Jadwani

David Britto Oct 06, 2021

Beangaluru-based artist Jitesh Jadwani aka Grungybob. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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Bengaluru-based artist Jitesh Jadwani (one half of electronic duo Droolfox) began writing songs for his solo project Grungybob two years ago. He says, “Most of them ended up as rough sketches or straight in the bin.” However, it was only during the second lockdown earlier this year that Jadwani wrote more concrete ideas which would eventually lead to becoming his recently released four-track debut EP Perfect Weather.

The new record is rooted in acoustic guitar playing which the musician does expertly. Perfect Weather opens with the peaceful instrumental “Incense.” The artist says, “It is like the musical manifestation of how we light up an incense stick in Indian households before we are about to do something good, something special to us. That track is the incense stick lighting ritual to my EP.” Next, we hear the title track that comes wrapped in honeyed vocals as well as quaint trumpet parts. “The trumpet backing is like an answering melody to my vocals and fits so snugly, I love how that turned out,” says Jadwani.

On the folk-leaning “Don’t See Why,” the singer-songwriter counts the saxophone solo at the end as “pure angst” while he closes the record with the moody “Embrace.” According to the musician, the EP is “acoustically dominated with saxophones and trumpets that come in to complement the structure and set the mood just right.”

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Jadwani recorded Perfect Weather at his home studio while his Drooflox bandmate Joel Sakkari mixed the EP. “I took a month off my music production work to focus solely on this so that I could churn out my most honest, heartfelt work,” he says. There’s a new single due in late October while a music video for “Don’t See Why” is also set to be released around the same time. With gigs slowly opening up more and more, Jadwani says, “Lots and lots of live performances [coming up].”

Stream ‘Perfect Weather’ below:

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