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Hear Gujarat Songwriter-Producer Jainil Devani’s Cinematic New EP ‘The End of the Line’

The artist collaborated with vocalists from around the world on the record

David Britto Jun 15, 2021

Gujarat-based songwriter-producer Jainil Devani. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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Growing up, Gujarat-based medical student and songwriter-producer Jainil Devani recalls hearing American artist Taylor Swift’s “Holy Ground” on a Walkman in 2012 which steered the young artist towards Western pop music. “I guess my love for storytelling slowly funneled into music and songwriting,” says Devani. The artist began exploring production too and slowly had a batch of songs ready, some of which were released as part of Devani’s eight-track debut album titled Club Sunset last year. “Club Sunset holds some of my most personal, heart-wrenching songs,” says the 19-year-old.

Last month, Devani came out with a brand-new five-track EP entitled The End of the Line. According to the artist, the new record was born after a failed attempt at another pop track. “That was the best failure ever because I slowly turned to that other back-burner project [the new EP] that ended up becoming my favorite thing I’ve ever done,” says Devani.

Through the course of the five songs on The End of the Line, Devani paints a picture of a “princess and a nobody” and how their perfect love was destined to be doomed. “I tell the story of their world crashing around them,” says the artist. The songwriter adds, “I wanted to weave it intricately, each song would connect, reflect and expand another. The pain, the anguish, the bitter realization and the longing.”

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The whole mood of the record complements Devani’s lyricism with dark and earthy undertones as well as bits of pop, alt-rock and lo-fi elements added in. “I wanted it to sound raw and unabashed, like a punch in the gut and the promise of undying love,” the producer says. A melancholic record like this was always something Devani was keen on writing. However, the artist says, “I never quite knew how beautiful and beautifully sad exploring this realm, this story, these characters would be.”

Devani also brought on board singers from South America, Norway and the U.K. such as Alicia Orozco, Tomas Baptista, Stephanie Rodriguez and Amalie Dorothea to help bring the songs to life with their emotive performances. “I’d write and produce a song, record a rough demo and send it to them, and we’d work on the vocals. It’s so surreal, working completely via emails and texts and calls and voice memos, but I am so in awe of all of these people,” says Devani.

With the record out now, Devani tells us that there might be a breather before diving back into new music. However, writing will continue for the artist. “I just know whatever’s around the corner, it’s going to be exciting,” says the musician.

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Stream ‘The End of the Line’ on Spotify below and on other platforms.

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