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Hear Indeceltic’s Heavenly Single ‘When We Are Free’

The song features atmospheric harp parts and dexterous guitar work

David Britto May 27, 2020

Dehradun-based acoustic duo Indeceltic. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

When harpist Anna Tanvir moved from the U.K. to Dehradun in 2017 to teach at a music school, it was where she met bassist-guitarist Maninder Singh. The pair immediately connected on a musical level and began writing songs together. After deciding to quit their jobs last year, the pair went on to form their duo Indeceltic and release a couple of singles and are now out with their latest offering, the angelic “When We Are Free.”

Tanvir tells us that both musicians usually write songs on their own before letting the other one in on the process. She says, “We discuss arrangements of the songs and suggest minor changes to each other’s work.” According to the harpist, Indeceltic’s music is inspired by life events and is generally a conversation between people from different cultures and backgrounds.

“When We Are Free” was penned by Tanvir as a love note to her son Kimani who is currently stuck in France due to the current coronavirus pandemic. The musician explains that her son had a great link and respect for her father, the late theater director Habib Tanvir. “This contributed to his [Kimani’s] sense of identity today.” The harpist adds, “I wanted to write a song that would personally touch Kim to give him much needed courage at the same time as being of relevance to anyone in the global lockdown.”

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Indeceltic borrowed a microphone and laptop from a friend’s home studio to record “When We Are Free.” Tanvir contributed the lush acoustic guitar plucking, quaint harp parts and her operatic vocals to the song while Singh played bass. The song was mixed and mastered by Nitin Joshi in Pune.

Since the lockdown, Indeceltic has been playing online gigs, practicing together and working on upping their social media game. “Maninder and I are very lucky to be together during this lockdown,” says Tanvir. Before the lockdown the pair were planning on visiting Ireland (Tanvir’s motherland). That is still something they hope to do soon as well as continue to write songs and maybe even sing in other languages. “Who knows? Maybe we will become chai wallahs in the streets of Dublin for a while?”

Stream “When We Are Free” below: 


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