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Hear Indo-American Artist Rivita’s Stirring New Electronic-Pop Song ‘Lonely With Someone’

The song picks up where her 2019 single ‘Someone Else’s Arms’ left off, exploring lost love

Anurag Tagat Mar 24, 2021

Los Angeles-based Indian singer-producer Rivita. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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Los Angeles-based singer-producer Rivita Goyle released just a couple of songs in 2020, but the end results of her productivity through the pandemic are showing up more recently; the Indian-origin artist has released a book called The Composer Cave Challenge (which has creative exercises for musicians), performed a virtual set for South By Southwest’s digital festival last week and released a glimmering new song called “Lonely With Someone” on March 12th.

The song, which follows up singles such as “I Believe” and “Chocolate,” is a thematic segue of sorts from her 2019 track “Someone Else’s Arms.” Created and completed over the span of several months, “Lonely With Someone” builds up with electronic layers, voice samples from a phone conversation and guitars. Rivita says in a statement, “With this piece of work, I wanted to express the strength an individual really holds. There have been many moments in my life, I have surprised myself with my own strength and while facing some of my biggest fears in tough situations. There have been moments in my life when I’ve loved someone and they’ve made me feel less than, finding the strength to walk away and choosing myself has proven to me that there are better people out there for us, who see and accept us for ourselves. ‘Lonely With Someone’ is about moving on, about being defiant and about knowing that we deserve better.”

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The self-produced electronic-pop track also infuses rock elements courtesy of Perth-based Luke Stamenkovich (who met Rivita at L.A.’s long-running gig series Sunset Jam) working in melodies and a solo and basslines from U.K.-based Angus Campbell.

Listen to “Lonely With Someone” below. Stream on more platforms here

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