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Hear Indo-British Rock Artist Maya Lakhani’s Surging New Song ‘Walk Alone’

The track is the Surrey-based singer-songwriter’s follow-up to last year’s debut single ‘The Line’

David Britto Jun 30, 2021

Indo-British rock artist Maya Lakhani. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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Surrey-based Indo-British rock artist Maya Lakhani admits to being obsessed with music and songwriting from an early age. When Lakhani was 12, she started her first band and has been in several since. She says, “I completely fell in love with the process of creating music, it gave me the ultimate buzz.” However, it was only last year during the pandemic that Lakhani launched her solo career as an artist with the release of her debut single “The Line.” “The pandemic really pushed me to pursue that,” the singer says.

“The Line” went on to receive quite a lot of traction, landing on playlists on streaming platforms as well as getting airplay on national radio stations in the U.K. Lakhani says, “The whole experience of releasing that song was incredible and completely beyond my wildest dreams, I’ll never forget it.” Now, the singer-songwriter is out with her sophomore single, the soaring “Walk Alone.”

Lakhani penned the new song this past March during the time the U.K. media increased public discourse around women’s safety, following the murder of Sarah Everard, who was killed whilst walking home. The vocalist says, “I was really sad and angry that in 2021 women still cannot walk alone without fear.” She adds, “As women, we have to take all these extra precautions to stay safe, and yet we are often still blamed. I saw so much victim-blaming happening, and I was incredibly frustrated.”

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The track itself features gritty guitars, a dark alt-rock mood and also taps into metal while Lakhani invokes a feeling of vulnerability and innocence through her elevated vocals as she sings, “all I want to do is walk alone.” She adds, “I wanted to make the point that still in this day and age, women all over the world feel fear over such a basic human right; the right to walk alone.”

Lakhani self-produced and recorded the song at her home studio while it was mixed and mastered remotely by Julian Simmons and Beau Thomas respectively. “Recording and producing is something I learned to do out of necessity when the U.K. went into lockdown in 2020, but I actually really enjoy working in this way.” Looking ahead, the singer-songwriter plans to release more singles and is also keen on putting together an EP. Lakhani is even eager to get back to performing as live music slowly returns to the U.K. “I haven’t had the chance to play my songs live yet with other musicians, so I’m really looking forward to getting back on stage when it feels safe to do so,” she says.

Stream “Walk Alone” on Spotify below and on other platforms.

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