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Hear Jaipur Singer-Songwriter Akash Chopra’s Somber Debut Single ‘Peace’

The musician’s breezy vocals sit quite well with his light acoustic guitar plucking on the track

David Britto May 07, 2020

Jaipur singer-songwriter Akash Chopra. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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Four years ago, when Jaipur-based singer-songwriter Akash Chopra quit his job and decided to pursue music full time he dove headfirst into the city’s music scene. He wrote songs, played at pubs, bars and house gigs and even shared the stage with one of his inspirations, Mumbai-based composer Ankur Tewari, at Jaipur’s Salt Food Festival in 2018. “I was so happy,” he says. Now, the artist is out with his debut acoustic single, “Peace.”

The new song includes delicate guitar plucking, ambient production as well as Chopra’s quaint and breezy vocals. He says, “’Peace’ is kind of a short prayer and a spiritual piece for me in which I pray to God to take me home after all the efforts I am trying to make in my routine.” On how his writing process works, Chopra adds, “I just go with the words saying something to me or what I want to say to you.” The musician recorded the song at Jaipur’s Aviral Studios and it was produced, mixed and mastered by Abhi Acharya.

Currently teaching guitar and piano, Chopra has been giving online classes to his students during the current lockdown due to COVID-19. “It’s been more than 50 days in my room and it’s getting hard for me now,” he says. Next, the musician plans to go into the studio once things get better and work on an EP consisting only of Hindi songs.

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Hear “Peace” below:

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