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Hear Jetley, Nitika Kurian and Raj’s Wavy Transnational Collab ‘Right?’

Los Angeles meets Chennai and New Delhi for the lo-fi track

Anurag Tagat Apr 24, 2021

Raj, Jetley and Nitika Kurian (clockwise from top left) Photos: Courtesy of the artists (Raj, Jetley), Parta Arthas/instagram.com/partawho (Nitika)

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Brought together through mutual connections, Los Angeles/New Delhi hip-hop artist Aadvik Jetley, Chennai R&B/soul singer-songwriter Nitika Kurian and New Delhi producer Rajkanwar Sodhi aka Raj deliver a saccharine, musing track called “Right?”

Released in March, Jetley says he hopped on singer-songwriter Raghav Meattle’s Late Night ConeVersations on Instagram and linked with Kurian through the music community and began sharing ideas. He adds, “At the same time I had been connected with Raj through mutual producer friends Shoals in the Delhi hip-hop scene. He had been sending me beats and I had been brainstorming for quite a while and we stumbled upon a track that could use a female vocal lead.”

Jetley sent the track across to Kurian, who imprinted her distinctly cherubic, airy pop vocals, singing about reminiscences and reflections on impactful life events and relationships. The artists said in a statement, “The song dives into aspects of old relationships, and explores what went wrong, why things changed and how they view things differently [afterwards]. It poses the question, were the decisions made at the time right or were they born out of circumstance?”

While Raj has been staking out his place in the producer scene since last year with lo-fi chill-hop, Kurian made formidable strides with songs like her debut “Phoenix” in 2019 and “Blue” in 2020, in addition to building a solid reputation for covers. Jetley, for his part, made the move from New Delhi to the U.S.; staying in Minnesota, New York and now in Los Angeles, balancing studying, working and hip-hop. He released his debut album Never Lost Sight in 2017 and followed it up with a steady run of singles.

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Listen to “Right?” below. Stream on more platforms here

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