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Hear John Mayer’s First New Song in Three Years, ‘Love on the Weekend’

Singer-songwriter has been touring with Dead & Company since 2013 solo album ‘Paradise Valley’

Brittany Spanos Nov 18, 2016
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John Mayer has returned with the delicate “Love on the Weekend,” his first original song in three years. The singer-songwriter premiered the track while at his studio via Facebook Live on Thursday. Mayer will be releasing his seventh studio album next year, according to Entertainment Weekly.

“Love on the Weekend” is a return to Mayer’s pop-rock roots while retaining a bit of bluesy flair Mayer cultivated on his last several studio albums. “We found a message in the bottle we were drinking,” he sings about a tumultuous relationship. “I hate your guts ’cause I’m loving every minute of it.”

Last month, Mayer’s drummer Steve Jordan accidentally revealed to Entertainment Tonight that the album would be titled The Search for Everything, though Mayer has not officially confirmed the name yet. Mayer’s last studio release was 2013’s Paradise Valley. Since then, he has been performing as part of Dead & Company with members of the Grateful Dead to celebrate the iconic band’s 50th anniversary shows, which began in 2015.

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