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Hear Kalpanic Katha’s Seismic Debut Single ‘Aavran’

The New Delhi rockers have enlisted vocalist Aman Joy Pal on nearly eight minutes of exhilaration

David Britto Nov 10, 2020

New Delhi rockers Kalpanic Katha. Photo: Parth Sharma

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The seeds for New Delhi rockers Kalpanic Katha were sowed in 2017 when drummer Honey Kumar and vocalist Shubham Singh Ram formed a duo. Although the pair performed mostly covers, they were soon joined by bassist Abhi Ram, guitarist Robin Rai and keyboardist Hrithik Sanghmitra and started focusing on writing their own material. With Shubham departing the group, the rest of the members decided to carry on without a singer and instead feature guest vocalists on their songs. For their recently released euphoric debut single “Aavran,” the group have recruited Aman Joy Pal on vocal duties.

While the band draws inspiration from the likes of Pink Floyd, Steven Wilson, Opeth and more, there’s plenty of their own identity plastered across their music. Kumar says, “The songs are carved in a way that they are more of visual stories with a message. Keeping the lyrics edgy, introspective and open-ended.” He adds, “The idea is to get the brainstorming about the things that are off-limits.”

“Aavran” opens with a delicate keyboard hook before we hear distorted heavy guitar parts, jangly acoustic ones as well as slamming drum parts. The almost eight-minute song flows beautifully with dynamic changes, impactful instrumental sections filled with resounding solos as well as Pal’s resilient singing. “The song is pretty introspective with emotionally charged lyrics that question you. It is set in a dystopian world based on a child’s point of view, the dilemma, innocently questioning the things we humans do to each other and to our mighty planet,” says Kumar.

Kalpanic Katha recorded the new track at New Delhi’s Tiny Room Studio with engineer Adamya Bajaj. The song is the first glimpse into their forthcoming debut EP which is due to release next year. Kumar says, “The next step is to materialize our EP as soon as we can, grab more ears and play the music live for the people.”

Stream “Aavran” below:

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