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Hear Kolkata Artist Jazzy Sadhu’s Lush Hop to Bengali Pop on ‘Chithi’

The guitarist-producer teams up with vocalist Sanchari Bhattacharya, rapper Subhagata Das and singer-songwriter Roshan Bhat for his second single

Anurag Tagat Feb 08, 2021

Kolkata-based guitarist-composer Jazzy Sadhu aka Milan Porey and vocalist Sanchari Bhattacharya Photo: Ritcheek Mondal

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Guitarist, composer and producer Jazzy Sadhu aka Milan Porey pairs lofty math-rock melodies (reminiscent of prog bands like Polyphia) with contemporary pop and R&B arrangements on his latest song “Chithi.” The track features lyrics and rap from artist Subhagata Das and lead vocals from singer Sanchari Bhattacharya, plus harmonies from Porey’s go-to collaborator, singer-songwriter Roshan Bhat.

Released last month, the song delves on Bhattacharya’s contemplative vocals as well as Porey’s dexterous, sometimes hyper-melodic guitar work that sets an easygoing mood. Das’ rap — in the music video, he dons the garb of a postman — breathes in more diversity. Porey says in a note about the track, “[It] talks about unsent messages and unsaid words in reference with the letter which may or may not have been delivered or is just hidden in the busy yet lonely city.”

Kathmandu-born, Kolkata-based Porey, 28, was also part of Mumbai’s rock circuit for a few years, founding blues/jazz/prog rock band Essence in 2012. By 2017, the artist had moved to Sydney for a four-year bachelor’s degree in music from private institute JMC Academy. He returned to Kolkata and found “the vibe was really different in comparison with past experiences” as an artist, especially in terms of the city’s culture.

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It’s what Porey drew from to create a Bengali song like “Chithi,” which infuses neo-soul, R&B and rock production into buoyant lyrics. He adds, however, “It’s not just targeted to the Bengali audiences but also to the people who in general love music and don’t see language as a barrier.”

The new track follows his 2020 debut single “Qaid,” which featured Bhat and was released in July. The guitarist adds, “The focus has always been collaborating with new and experienced artists both to maintain a balance in the overall production.” Leaning towards the pop and neo-soul space for future releases coming up, the next single from Jazzy Sadhu is a Hindi song called “Qayamat,” written last year with Bhat. This will be followed by an EP with Kolkata singer-songwriter Srija Chakrabarty.

Watch the video for “Chithi” below. Stream the song here.

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