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Hear Kolkata Hip-Hop Artist Archiesman Kundu’s Smashing Debut EP ‘Bangla Plug’

Raised in the town of Garhbeta near Midnapore, the rapper and producer fuses Bengali and English bars across five tracks

Anurag Tagat Feb 18, 2021

Kolkata-based hip-hop artist Archiesman Kundu. Photo: Jasprit Singh

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After about three years of working his way through gigs, cyphers and an on-stage collaboration with desi rapper-producer Raftaar, Kolkata-based hip-hop artist Archiesman Kundu has released his debut EP Bangla Plug.

On the five-track record. Kundu flitters between no holds barred fluid Bengali verses as well as braggadocio in English, indicating that he’s manifested what he’s worked towards ever since he moved from his hometown of Garhbeta to Kolkata to pursue a bachelor’s degree in the tech field. “When I moved to Kolkata, I found out about the growing hip-hop scene,” Kundu says. He name-checks fellow Kolkata rappers such as Cizzy, searchfordope, RonE, J Trix and Kat Jr, calling them talented and supportive.

In the last year alone, Kundu cropped up on multiple radars with songs like “Urban Bengali,” “Seeth Kaal” and “Straight Outta Midnapore,” with the first two produced by Guwahati-bred producer Rawhit aka Rohit Dey. On Bangla Plug, Rawhit leads listeners in with a mysterious intro track and dives into the buoyant “Hype Ta Dekh,” a sublime concoction of Kundu’s Bengali and English rap flow. “This track talks about how I motivated myself in my life from scratch, how I’m growing after a life of struggling in the game for years,” he says. On the EP, he goes back to a similar banger style on “Icon,” the closing track. While that track shows off the global influence, “Boishakh” draws from the idea of the first day on the Bengali calendar. “As slang, it also means a positive phrase of how I’m on a new level. The song is all about pushing yourself towards your dreams and to trust in yourself.”

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A producer as well as a rapper, Kundu says he was inspired by American artists like Russ, Eminem and J. Cole to get motivated, while Rawhit also encouraged him to take on a producer role. He says about managing two roles on three out of five tracks on the EP, “It’s really easy to have control over both aspects when passion is there.” Always keen on experimentation, Kundu’s next EP – which will be produced by Rawhit – is a Hindi language EP. He adds about his leap towards keeping his music diverse, “It’s crazy how different cultures get inspired by other cultures. I just want to keep exploring, experiment and make new type of music,” he adds.

Listen to ‘Bangla Plug’ below.

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