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Hear Krist Novoselic’s Debut Song With New Band Giants in the Trees

Former Nirvana bassist, bandmates wander through forest in low-budget clip for debut single “Sasquatch”

Ryan Reed Aug 01, 2017
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Former Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic wanders through the forest in the video for “Sasquatch,” the debut song from his new band Giants in the Trees.

Throughout the lo-fi clip, Novoselic and his bandmates ”“ vocalist/banjo player Jillian Raye, guitarist Ray Prestegard, drummer Erik Friend ”“ stand on fallen tree trunks and explore the surrounding plant life, occasionally striking a cheesy grin.

“Sasquatch,” available now as a digital single, strikes a sweet spot between psychedelic folk and bluesy alt-rock with its banjo plucks, distorted power chords and harmonica blasts. “I can feel eyes watching over me,” Raye croons, adding a paranoid atmosphere to the track. “Hiding in the silence; there’s giants in the trees.”

Novoselic joked about the video’s low-budget approach in the YouTube comments. “I bought the property the video is filmed on. To pay for the production I cut all the trees and am now building a golf course on the land,” he wrote. “This video cost over $2 million to make. The reason is, it was shot on a soundstage and all of the flora is made from plastic, foam and other materials to get that natural look.”

Giants in the Trees formed last year after meeting through their mutual involvement with the local environmental organization Grange in Skamokawa, Washington. Thus far, the band has mostly played shows across their home state.

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