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Hear Kriti B.’s Moody Debut Single ‘Perfect Love’

The New Delhi singer-songwriter’s first offering has been produced by Tarana Marwah aka Komorebi

David Britto Jul 14, 2021

New Delhi singer-songwriter Kriti B. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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New Delhi singer-songwriter Kriti B.’s in into the indie music scene was through photography. Kriti recalls how she’d attend gigs and discover new bands as well as make connections. She says, “The best part was I could just show up with my camera and enjoy the music by myself.” Although she was enrolled in Indian classical music classes as a child, it was only whilst in college that Kriti began exploring Western music. Now, the artist is out with her debut electro-pop track titled “Perfect Love.”

Kriti jumped back into music in 2015, however, it’s taken her six years to have her first song ready. On why that is, she says, “I have had a lot of insecurities around music and my voice. She adds, “Mostly, because when I restarted music back in college, I had to start from ground zero and I had people including teachers tell me that I was no good.” During that time, Kriti focused more on photography and teaching yoga. “It has taken me longer than it should have to get comfortable with my sound and my pace.” With no gigs during the pandemic, Kriti felt it was finally time to record and release her material.

“Perfect Love” features delicate electronic soundscapes while Kriti sings emotionally about “questioning destiny [and] why a love that seemed so perfect ended prematurely.” New Delhi artist Tarana Marwah aka Komorebi produced the track while musician Danik Ghosh added bass and guitar parts to the song. On collaborating with Marwah, Kriti says, “Working with her was an amazing experience, our creative ideas matched, she was superbly patient and also helped out with things other than the production.” With a lyric video made by illustrator Priyanka Tampi already out, Kriti is now looking ahead to release more material.

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Watch the lyric video for “Perfect Love” below and stream the song on other platforms.

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