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Hear Kush Upadhyay Dial up the Volume on New Record ‘Soon You’ll See The Old’

The Mumbai guitarist is joined by drummer Jai Row Kavi, bassist Nathan Thomas and vocalist Azamaan Hoyvoy on the five-track EP

David Britto Nov 14, 2018

(From left) Nathan Thomas, Kush Upadhyay, Jai Row Kavi and Azamaan Hoyvoy.

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It was only last year that Mumbai-based guitarist Kush Upadhyay released his third record Impulsive Decisions. However, Upadhyay was already thinking about his next release even before Impulsive Decisions could come out. The 21-year-old says, “After the last album was tracked I wanted to play some really heavy music, like the music I grew up listening to.” Upadhyay has gone and done just that, with his latest offering, the power packed five-track EP Soon You’ll See The Old.

Apart from Upadhyay, the new EP features a star studded lineup; drummer Jai Row Kavi (from Mumbai rockers Blackstratblues), bassist Nathan Thomas and vocalist Azamaan Hoyvoy (of Mumbai rock outfit Marshall & The Mischief). Upadhyay says he started talking to Kavi in August last year, after he saw an exceptional performance at a Blackstratblues gig. He adds, “Since this new EP is pretty heavy I thought this would be the best opportunity as Jai has such a strong and natural rock background.”

Initially Kavi was unaware that ‘Soon You’ll See The Old’ was going to be a record with vocals on it.

As for his bassist and vocalist, Upadhyay knew right from the start that he wanted Thomas to play on the record. The bassist also featured on the guitarist’s 2015 debut release Songs In The Key Of EP and its follow-up, Perspective (2016). Hoyvoy and Upadhyay got acquainted only last year after the guitarist wanted a vocalist to guest on a couple of songs at a few shows. He says, “After those gigs I knew he would be the perfect guy for this new music I was writing that time,” the guitarist adds on his stellar lineup, “The best part is that musically we all connect so well which is great but even the hang is so good.”

With Hoyvoy on board, Soon You’ll See The Old became the first record to feature vocals, which could be considered a surprise to some. The guitarist ”“ who has been creating a plethora of instrumental music over the years ”“ felt that his current material would fit best alongside singing. “The natural instinct this music had was more on the vocal side than instrumental,” he says. Kavi was the only one who wasn’t in on the new addition. Upadhyay says jokingly, “That was really funny but very interesting because he wrote drum parts thinking there was no singer.”

Where Upadhyay feeds exhilarating guitar solos and riffs, Hoyvoy adds flavorful and unique vocals to set the tone for the EP with a song like “I Don’t Flaw.” On “Feels Just Like Bliss” Upadhyay is a true axeman, bringing out a fiery solo over Thomas’ thick bass groove. The dynamic title track features Kavi at his pulsating best, while both “My Friend Fudgeface” and EP closer “Don’t You Steal Love (I Can Provide It)” showcase soaring rock.

Upadhyay also contributed lyrics for “Feels Just Like Bliss” and “Soon You’ll See The Old.” After reflecting on the EP, the musician explains, “It seems that it’s about this teenager talking about his life in these songs. In some songs he is this really mature teen and in some songs your classic teen who has problems with everything in life.” Soon You’ll See The Old was tracked at the home studios of the guitarist and Kavi. The EP was co-produced by Upadhyay and Blackstratblues guitarist Warren Mendonsa, who also mixed and mastered the record.

Upadhyay launched his new EP at the recently concluded Bacardi NH7 Weekender Meghalaya which according to him was “loud and fun.” Fresh off the show, he says, “It was our first gig with this new music [and] we really enjoyed every second of it.” Next, a music video for the title track is currently in the works, a tour to promote the EP is also in the pipeline as well as a performance at the Pune edition of Weekender next month. With his next release ”“ a seven-track album ”“ currently being mixed and due out early next year, it’s prolific times for Upadhyay.

All photos by Glowworm.

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