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Hear Leah Khambata’s New Acoustic Ditty ‘Calling You Home’

The track is the Mumbai-bred singer-songwriter’s second offering of 2022

David Britto Mar 30, 2022

Mumbai-bred singer-songwriter Leah Khambata. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Mumbai-bred singer-songwriter Leah Khambata has always been involved with the arts ever since she was a toddler. From singing songs off the 1964 musical drama My Fair Lady to being inspired by American musician Taylor Swift to write her own songs, Khambata says, “The arts were immensely appreciated. Not just by my parents, but by all the generations in my family.”

After studying in the U.S. and U.K., Khambata began releasing music in 2019 and has since dropped a few singles as well as a four-track EP entitled Higher At Last. Her latest offering is the breezy acoustic leaning track “Calling You Home.”

Khambata penned the new song in April 2020 but didn’t get the chance to record it due to the pandemic. The track features dreamy and uplifting instrumentation, her soulful and calming voice as well as catchy melodies. The singer-songwriter says, “It’s about being separated from a loved one.” She adds, “The pandemic was hard for everyone in so many ways, one of which was not being able to see the people we love for over a year.”

“Calling You Home” was recorded at Mumbai’s 24 Fret Productions and produced, mixed and mastered by Rahul Popawala. “It was great to physically be back in a studio! I hadn’t been in one for a long time due to the pandemic. I think I had a hard time initially trying to verbalize my vision for the song because I’m more of a feelings-based, visual person, but we got there eventually.”

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With a music video in the works for “Calling You Home,” Khambata is also lining up two more singles called “Closing the Browser on You” and “Something to Do with You” to be released in the next couple of months. The artist also informs us that on the acting front she’s set to get behind the screen for a few projects. She says, “You’ll see me in Phi Motion Pictures’ feature film Mithyam: The False Truth and in two OTT series this year.”

Stream “Calling You Home” on Spotify below: