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Hear Max Kate’s Melancholic Debut EP ‘October’

The Mumbai-based producer enlisted Pune vocalist Xeede to sing on the three-track record

David Britto May 14, 2021

Mumbai-based producer Max Kate. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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Recently, Mumbai-based producer Max Kate released his debut three-track romantic EP titled October that features vocals from Ayush Rawat aka Xeede. We caught up with the producer to learn more about the record, his early years and what he has in store next. Read excerpts below:

While you’re still only 19, I suppose you stumbled upon music early. Do you recall when that first was? 

I have always been into music. I was four when I took to the piano. But didn’t play it continuously. In my school life I picked up a guitar somewhere and attended singing competitions and trained in Indian classical vocals. I went on to study music production from Lost Stories academy in Mumbai and bagged up lots of projects, background scoring fashion films and stuff and now I’m releasing my originals.

When did you begin to put your EP October together and what can you tell me about it? 

Well as the EP name says. I wrote all the songs in October. I wanted to write something  about what I felt when being loved and lost. ‘18’ is a bit simple, fresh, young love kind of thing. Instantly takes you to the age of 18, when its carefree and just good fresh smooches over the terrace. ‘Last February’ is a lazy road trip theme over the song. I was trying a country vibe here. ‘Last Goodbye’ is a bit of an emotional theme all together, bought all the sad words I could collect. All the tracks are a very easy listening positive mood and acoustic.

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How did the collab with Xeede come about? 

Well with Xeede, he has the pain in his voice because he went through all the similar experiences I went through. More than the voice I was looking for raw emotions which he had. I wanted a male vocalist. Luckily I found him, he sent his demo over ‘Last Goodbye,’ and instantly I felt like working with him.

What was the recording process like? 

I was with my family in Tirupati, and he was in Pune when all the recording took place. He sent me his recorded vocals, and guitars over from his home studio.

What’s next? 

A ton of things are on my checklist, plus ideas for developing my production house, Kate Max Productions, where I plan to produce multi-genre tracks and crazy visuals for the same. Lots of new collaborations in the Indian electronic genre are also in the works down the line. Maybe a couple of more EPs this year with more defined production and quality. I’m putting together an alt-rock EP next. Pretty excited.

Stream ‘October’ below:

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