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Hear Mosko’s Clarion Call to the Dancefloor on Debut EP ‘Teeth’

The New Delhi dance rock act comprising guitarist Moses Koul and vocalist Kavya Trehan on the two years it took to release their first record

Anurag Tagat Jan 25, 2019

New Delhi dance rock act Mosko. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

During his drive time commute somewhere in Delhi NCR, guitarist and composer Moses Koul is talking about how he and vocalist Kavya Trehan ”“ the core members of dance music duo Mosko ”“ put their foot down about their long-awaited debut EP Teeth. He says, “We thought, ”˜We need to put this out and if it doesn’t, we need to call it quits.’”

Released on Apple Music exclusively earlier this month, Koul says he and Trehan weren’t even ready to compromise on a few days delay. “People have been waiting for so long. It’s not a million people, but there were a fair amount of people.” In the works since late 2016, Teeth features sparkling songs like “Mosey Pants” and “Drance 109” that were written with bassist Abhinav Chaudhury and drummer Karan Malik, while the commanding groove on “Smooth” and the half-chaotic “Ydek” feature contributions by drummer Suyash Gabriel and bassist Amar Pandey. Following their previous show at Ridermania festival in Goa in November, Koul says Mosko will carry on as just a duo without live drums or bass, occasionally inviting sessions players.

There’s a surging energy that Mosko brings on Teeth, which puts Trehan’s inimitable voice in control of all the hooks, while Koul riffs on, even feeding in complex harmonies like he does with rock band Kraken. The songs will still be part of their duo setup, which includes Trehan handling vocals, keys and a bit of live mixing. Koul adds, “It came down to ”˜Let’s just try to make dance music that’s avant-garde.’ It’ll be a keyboard with me, my guitar and we’ll program the beats on stage. We’ll build it up on stage.”

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With a few shows in the works since the launch, the release of Teeth has been a learning process for Mosko, who have been around since 2014. There’s certainly a new perspective in it for Koul. “One of the biggest learnings has been that if a band doesn’t function as a proper business ”“ with a roadmap and strategy, there’s no point it being more than passion. It has to be treated as a business,” he says.

Stream ‘Teeth’ below: 


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