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Hear Mumbai Alt Rockers Twist To Break Seal’s Energetic Debut ‘Written On Bottles’

The five-piece band staple together their life experiences on the new record

David Britto Apr 11, 2017
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Twist To Break Seal

Twist To Break Seal. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

When Mumbai-based guitarists Austin D’souza and Pratyush Cavutur were working for the same advertising agency in 2012, the duo started to play music together in their office and meet up after work for jams. Those jams eventually turned into office parties and that’s when they realized that they should form a band together. The guitarists drafted bassist Aaron Marcus (from Mumbai rockers The Fringe Pop), drummer Warren Swaries and vocalist Sagar Rayaprolu to complete the lineup for Twist To Break Seal.

On their just-released debut seven-track album Written On Bottles, the band mines life experiences and a bit of wisdom, only occasionally straying from their Nineties alt rock influences. Most of the tracks on Written On Bottles have been penned down by D’souza. The opening song on the record, “Same Ol’ Feeling,” is about getting into a new relationship and having previous experiences all over again. “Things always seem to go good and then get bad, this song is in the zone of knowing what will happen and being ready for it,” explains D’souza.

“All I Want Is More” expresses a guy’s internal monologue after being attracted to a girl he sees at a bar. “Rainmaker” has a different vibe than the rest of the album. “It’s about Pratyush’s darker side; he’s been a metal guy for a while, and since we’re in an alt rock space his ”˜metal-ness’ needed to come out in this song,” says D’souza.

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Written On Bottles was tracked at Mumbai’s Wayfaring Records, with vocals recorded at Bandwagon Studios in Mumbai. The band self-produced the album and it was mixed and mastered by Mumbai sound engineer Aditya Arya.

Twist To Break Seal launched the album at Mumbai venue Razzberry Rhinoceros last week with a powerpacked two-hour set. Up next, a music video for “All I Want Is More.” D’souza says, “The resources are all in place for the video, it’s just that we need time because of our 9-5 jobs.”  

Buy ”˜Written On Bottles’ here.

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