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Hear Mumbai Artist Shirish Prakash Singh’s Genre-Bending Debut Album ‘Vaani | Dhwani | Awaaz’

The eight-track record is laced with electronic elements and a blend of instruments

David Britto Aug 08, 2020

Mumbai artist Shirish Prakash Singh. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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When Mumbai artist Shirish Prakash Singh was introduced to digital audio workstation FL Studio in 2013, he was instantly mesmerized by it and the endless possibilities that came with it. Ever since, the keyboardist-guitarist began churning out his own music beginning with EDM and dubstep and now settling into “more organic genres of music.” Now, he’s out with his eight-track genre-bending album Vaani | Dhwani | Awaaz.

The idea to put out a record developed last year. At the time Singh was leaning towards working on a lyric heavy project that included the thoughts and experiences he was having. He says, “A massive doubt about choosing a creative field to make a career has always been lurking in my head, and this album is everything that I would have told myself, from a second person’s perspective.” Singh – who is also a theater artist – explains the writing process was a bit challenging for him due to the fact that he was doing it all by himself with limited equipment. “I wanted to write songs that were thoughts and emotions, which otherwise were difficult to explain through just words,” he says.

Across Vaani | Dhwani | Awaaz we hear lo-fi electronica (“Aasmaan”), production heavy tracks (“Parvaah Hai Kyun,” “Main Insaan,” “Karma”) and chilled out offerings (“Baha Le Mujhko,” “Raatein”). Singh says, “’Aasmaan’ is a song about following one’s passion while ‘Aaj Phir’ is a song about hope.” The artist adds, “’Ruk Ab Chal’ is a satirical commentary on the way the society around me has tried to control my life like traffic. The song literally uses traffic noise, and the words ‘Ruk Ab Chal’ suggest the presence of a traffic signal in my life.

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Singh recorded the entire album in his bedroom studio and even got on board vocalist Nishtha Singh Thakural to feature on “Baha Le Mujhko.” The musician tells us that half the album was made during the lockdown. Due to COVID-19, he’s upped his social media game as a way to promote the record. “I’ve been regularly putting up musical content,” he says. Singh even did a 15-day song challenge, where he writes one new track every day which was part of the promotion campaign. He says, “I have also been trying to get hold of live performances online.”

Currently, Singh is working on a new single and also has a bunch of collaborations in the pipeline. Once he’s done with what’s on his plate already, the musician is planning to work on the followup to  Vaani | Dhwani | Awaaz. “I’m trying to put out as much new music as possible,” says Singh.

Stream ‘Vaani | Dhwani | Awaaz’ on Spotify below:

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