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Hear Mumbai-Based Singer-Songwriter Abhinab Dan’s Harmonious Debut Single ‘Kinarey’

The track features fellow musician Hitesh Kumar aka Peaking Panda on guitalele and vocals

David Britto Apr 18, 2019

Mumbai singer-songwriter Abhinab Dan. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

When you’re born into a Bengali family, listening to diverse music is a given. Just ask New Delhi-bred singer-songwriter Abhinab Dan. Although it wasn’t until he turned 14 years old when he picked up a guitar, it gave him reason to be more than just a listener. He says, “As a kid I always felt doing something extra other than studies were important, so I took up playing guitar and singing as a hobby.” That hobby turned into a full time career after moving to Mumbai four years ago to pursue music, and now Dan has released his mellifluous debut single, “Kinarey.”

The musician states that songwriting comes organically to him and while he might follow the “basic rules” of writing music, on most occasions he just goes with what feels right. While some artists might go heavy on production and include multiple layers to a song, Dan mentions that he didn’t want to go down that route for his first offering. He says “[It] was bringing chaos and restlessness to my mind, be it personal life or music.” He adds, “I felt [like] writing something simple and relaxing.”

“Kinarey” most definitely falls under the relaxed category with its easy going and lush acoustic guitar parts as well as Dan’s infectious vocals. “For me [the] melody always comes first. Then, lyrics. I try a lot to come up with words which sit well on the melody and evoke a feeling instantly with the song [‘Kinarey’],” says Dan.

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Adding to the tranquil nature of “Kinarey” is fellow Mumbai-based singer-songwriter Hitesh Kumar aka Peaking Panda with his luxuriant harmonies and guitalele parts. On how their collaboration on “Kinarey” came about, Dan says, “One day I made him listen to this song and he instantly came up with the vocal harmonies. Without thinking twice, I decided to do the whole song with harmonies.”

The track was recorded at Mumbai’s NoizeBoxx Studios and produced by city-based Aadi Arora who also mixed and mastered the song. “A lot of parts in the song are his [Arora’s] own creation,” says Dan. Next, the singer-songwriter already has new material in the pipeline, including a single titled “Bachpan” later this year and his upcoming four-track EP Final Year.

Stream “Kinarey” below:


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