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Hear Mumbai Electronic Artist ADGRMS’ Bouncy New Track ‘Who They Want’

The song features Alabama-based hip-hopper Dexx! Turner

David Britto Jun 01, 2020

Mumbai electronic artist ADGRMS. Photo: The Clique Photography

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For almost a decade, Mumbai-based artist Sahil Verma aka ADGRMS has been churning out beats across electronica music. However, more recently the artist began to alter his process and narrow in on creating a sonic canvas catering more towards hip-hop music.

After getting acquainted with American hip-hop artist Dexx! Turner via a mutual friend last year, the two began exchanging ideas and are now out with their vivacious collaboration “Who They Want.” Verma says, “I like to work with a pace, which is exactly what Dexx likes.”

The producer’s love for Indian woodwind instruments and strings juxtaposed with hip-hop beats stand out on the track. The melodic production under Dexx! Turner’s fiery rhymes make for quite a party popping listen. “The whole track was ready in less than 24 hours,” says the producer. He adds, “When he [Dexx! Turner] sent me the vocals, I was blown away with how perfectly everything was lining up with the track.”

While in lockdown, the producer tells us that it’s the most productive he’s been. ADGRMS’ has another release with Dexx! Turner lined up called “Leroy.” Also, a lo-fi EP for the monsoons is in the works as well as collaborations with artists such as M.I.M.E, Jinco, Chris Catlin and more are in the pipeline. “I am also very excited about using my own voice in my upcoming songs,” says Verma.

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Stream “Who They Want” on Spotify below and click here to listen to the song on other platforms. 

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