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Hear Mumbai Hip-Hop Crew citimall’s Bullish New Single ‘JOHNNY’

The track is the group’s second, after dropping the slippery ‘mexico’ earlier this year

David Britto Oct 27, 2020

Mumbai hip-hop crew citimall. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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Mumbai hip-hop crew citimall first came together when they gathered at producer Soham Mukherji’s house after a trip to the movies. Apart from Mukherji, the squad includes fellow producer and rapper Aryan Vakharia aka Mad Prophit, MCs Arsalaan Abbas aka A$AP Allah, Aditya Arun aka Don Cody, Ishaan Rao aka Midnght Swami, Ninaad Surana aka Shmuel, Nathan Soloman aka Skinny Moses and hype men Aryan Shetty and Naitik Jain aka CA Johnny Jain. Earlier this year the group released their debut single “mexico” and are now out with its follow-up, the hard-hitting “JOHNNY.”

The new track features a heavy bombastic beat while the rappers all add aggressive bars aided by intense delivery. According to citimall, “JOHNNY” is a fictionalized depiction of the repercussions of stealing and uses CA Johnny Jain as the protagonist. “I was trying to come up with ideas for a new beat that sounded very aggressive,” says Don Cody. He adds, “The song deals with some ideas that sound a bit intense, but as rappers, we love dealing with absurd ideas and often try to hyperbolize a mundane topic. ‘JOHNNY’ similarly elevates the concept of cheating and takes the listener on a dark yet airy journey of violence and loot.”

The Mumbai outfit recorded the song at Mukherji’s home studio where they are plotting their next single as well as an album soon after. The group has been busy experimenting with their sound and Mukherji says, “Hopefully something exciting comes from that.”

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Stream “JOHNNY” below on Spotify and on other platforms

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