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Hear Mumbai Producer Iridescent Grapevine’s Chill Debut EP ‘Dream World, Pt. 1’

‘These tracks bring a feeling of the evening moving into the night,’ says the artist

David Britto Aug 03, 2020

Mumbai producer-guitarist Aaditya Surve aka Iridescent Grapevine. Photo: Misham Koli

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Over the last few years, Mumbai musician Aaditya Surve has been involved in a host of bands. He currently handles guitar duties for instrumental post-rock outfit The Flying Fish while also moonlighting as a producer under the moniker Iridescent Grapevine. The artist is now out with his recently released solo three-track debut EP titled Dream World, Pt. 1.

Surve tells us that he began producing electronic music with the intention to learn and improve his skills as well as pick up commercial work. He says, “As the paradox of every industry goes: you need to show your work to get hired and you need to get hired to have some work to show.” What kicked off as just an experiment for himself has now exposed the artist to a wide range of electronic music, shaping his mind to explore various styles of the genre.

With a host of singles already under his belt as Iridescent Grapevine, the producer’s new EP “portrays a world where anything can happen.” He adds, “It was a conscious intention to not stick to a verse-chorus or structured format and instead to experiment with sound design, whimsical solos and motifs.” All of these elements can be heard across the record as it opens with the subtle “Half Light” before moving onto the moody “Opacity” and closing with the spacey “Somnolent.” Sonically, the tracks are filled with clever guitar parts, splendid synth sections and chilled vibes. Lyrically, Surve says, “These tracks bring a feeling of the evening moving into the night.”

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Over the course of the lockdown, the musician has used the time to hone his skills as an artist and has also been giving out online guitar classes. His plans for Iridescent Grapevine going forward include working with vocalists on future material, continue putting out chilled electronic music and drop a second part of his Dream World series of releases.

Stream Dream World, Pt. 1 below:

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