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Hear Mumbai Rockers The Sleeping Satellite’s Bold New Single ‘Ehsaas’

The track is the band’s third release of the year

David Britto Dec 15, 2020

Mumbai rockers The Sleeping Satellite. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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After releasing their debut single “Udd Chala” and its follow-up “Khoj,” Mumbai rockers The Sleeping Satellite are now back with their third song, the rounded “Ehsaas.”

While all the songs are off their forthcoming EP Manzil, the band – comprising vocalist-producer Albert Dyrile Lakra, guitarist Raja Pradhan, bassist Mondip Kalita and drummer Reeshav Gohrain – decided on releasing the record in a piecemeal fashion due to the pandemic. Pradhan says, “We’ll be releasing a song a month to keep up with this plan and in the end release the EP to be streamed on all platforms.”

The new track, “Ehsaas,” includes poignant keyboard work in the intro as well as hauntingly beautiful string parts before the song opens up into a soaring rock track with chunky guitar parts, a bobbing groove as well as a fiery solo and emphatic vocals. With lyrics penned by Surbhit Manocha, Kalita says, “The song is about fear of losing someone whom you love. It’s a love song to be precise, mostly what people feel when they see their crush, that’s why the name ‘Ehsaas.’” He adds, “We wanted to create something catchy, groovy and energetic at the same time.”

The Sleeping Satellite recorded Manzil at Thane’s Blue Cassette Studio, where Lakra – who works as a music producer there – handled production duties for it. The EP was mixed by Abhishek Walimbe from Mumbai’s Foster Black Studios and mastered by Lakra too. Even though the EP is not out in its entirety yet, the band have already begun working on material for a new album. The group says, “Something for everyone to look forward to while our lives are paused for the time being.”

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Stream “Ehsaas” below on Spotify and on other platforms

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