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Hear Mumbai Singer-Songwriter Ramya Pothuri’s Latest Heavenly Single ‘Summer’

The musician’s most recent offering showcases her fresh new sound

David Britto Feb 26, 2019

Mumbai-based singer-songwriter Ramya Pothuri. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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For an artist, the voice recording app on their phone at times is their best friend ”“ to remember sparks of inspiration that hit them when they aren’t in the studio. That is exactly how Mumbai-based singer-songwriter Ramya Pothuri’s latest single, the pleasant “Summer,” was born. Pothuri says, “The chorus melody came to me randomly at a friend’s house, and I immediately ran to the bathroom and recorded it before I could forget. I recorded it with the words ‘you look like summer,’ don’t know why but that came out at the moment.”

“Summer” is a delicate R&B swing track and is a complete 180 by Pothuri whose previous body of work has been more towards melancholic acoustic tunes. Ask the singer-songwriter if the sonic alteration in her music is her growing as an artist and she says, “The change kind of happened around my vocals. I felt like I was writing music in which I had to hold back vocally, and I wanted to experiment with writing in a way where I could let my voice go.” She adds, “When I did that, I became aware that my songs were moving into a different place sonically.”

Lyrically the track is about Pothuri’s own admission of how a few people played an important role in her life but simultaneously she felt insignificant to theirs. The vocalist-guitarist says, “The song is pretty much about that misbalance in a relationship, and how someone may be your warmth but you might not be the same for them.” “Summer” features a thick bass line by Yohann Coutinho (from alt rockers Unohu and neo-soul band Smalltalk) and lush guitar parts by Ronit Sarkar aka Rono. The song was mixed by Mumbai producer Ayan De at his Midicore Studio.

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With “Summer” being Pothuri’s first release since last year’s “Constantly,” the singer-songwriter confesses that her solo material has taken a back seat lately owing to her involvement with rock/jazz/blues group Ladies Compartment and acoustic duo Water & Rum. She says, “I’ve learned so much from the girls in Ladies Compartment and it’s really been elevating my music. We’ve gotten so busy in the last year, but it’s been good because now the days I get to work on my music are very precious to me.” As her music keeps evolving, Pothuri has more coming our way including a collaboration with Mumbai-based producer TRODD.

Listen to “Summer” below: 

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