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Hear Nagaland Singer-Songwriter Abdon Mech’s Hauntingly Beautiful Debut Single ‘Again’

The track includes delicate acoustic guitar, the musician’s emotional vocals and more

David Britto Aug 21, 2020

Nagaland singer-songwriter Abdon Mech. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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For Dimapur-based singer-songwriter Abdon Mech, music was always part of his family. His parents were both musicians and songwriters and his sister is also currently studying music. He says, “I was quite late to the party and picked it up seriously only during my college days.” Writing songs came organically to Mech as he’s always been someone to tell his own story as an artist. The first chapter of that story opens with his recently released poignant debut single “Again.”

Mech informs us that the new song was penned as an aftermath of two months of writer’s block, something he’s never experienced before. “When the song came it was both exciting and also a relief,” says Mech. On “Again,” the musician sings from multiple perspectives on how the pandemic has affected different strata of society. He says, “I try to put myself in their shoes and tell their stories for them, particularly in the second stanza where I sing in the voices of different frontline workers,” he says.

The singer-songwriter wrote the song in 20 minutes and it includes delicate acoustic guitar parts, light percussion as well as Mech’s enchanting and emotional voice. While Mech recorded the song by himself at his home studio, the musician sent it out to sound engineer Wati Imchen who mixed and mastered the track. The song has also been given a heartwarming animated lyrical video from Nagaland artist Keneisenuo Solo.

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During the lockdown, Mech has used social media to network with artists from across India and has also been curating online gigs for himself. He’s also pitched himself for bigger virtual gigs and says, “It’s actually a unique prospect for promoting a song if you look at it and I think I quite fancy it.” The singer-songwriter is also currently in the midst of recording his debut EP which he plans on putting out next.

Watch the music video for “Again” and stream the song on Spotify

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