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Hear New Delhi Siblings The Auduo’s Poignant Track ‘Wake Up To Your Love’

The pair have been releasing singles at a rapid rate over the last year

David Britto May 25, 2021

New Delhi multi-genre siblings The Auduo. Photo: Courtesy of the artists

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New Delhi-based artists and siblings; Sharon (22) and Abhishek Bhardwaj (20) have been actively involved with music since they were kids but only began taking it seriously during their late teenage years. “We got the time to completely focus on music production as artists and we learned everything on our own to be truly independent,” says Abhishek. They began releasing songs last year as multi-genre outfit The Auduo at a quick pace and are now already out with their 10th single, the emotional “Wake Up To Your Love.”

According to Sharon, their songs are built upon experiences and their imagination. She says, “We want our listeners to focus on each part of our composition as each segment contributes to a more holistic sounding music.” Their latest offering came from a guitar piece Abhishek wrote and was slowly transformed into the bluesy soft rock track that it is now. Abhishek says, “[The song] is all about the peacefulness and wholesomeness of waking up next to the love of your life.”

The track includes beautifully textured guitar plucking while the siblings showcase their delightful vocals and mature songwriting. Recorded out of their bedroom, Sharon says, “Both of us compose, produce and release our own music, handling everything from production to promotion.” The pair also handle mixing and mastering duties for their songs. The Auduo are now plotting to add visuals to go with their tunes while also contemplating putting together an album in the future. “We want to share our music worldwide as independent artists,” says Abhishek.

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Stream “Wake Up To Your Love” below:

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