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Hear New Delhi Singer-Songwriter Rey’s Debut Folk-Pop Single ‘Chanda’

‘It’s a story of a kid encountering different love situations during his teenage years,’ says the musician

David Britto Oct 09, 2019

New Delhi singer-songwriter Rey. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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After being brought up on the likes of Indian playback singers Mohammad Rafi & Mukesh and Kishore Kumar as well as rock bands such as Guns N’ Roses, Nirvana and Pink Floyd, New Delhi singer-songwriter Rey’s debut single “Chanda” seems to have captured all his influences into one folk-pop indulgence. “I wanted to do something new and fresh, which led me to explore different elements of songwriting through various sources,” says Rey.

At the beginning of last year Rey came up with the melody for “Chanda” and he says, “It was totally a new sound for me as I’d never tried folk-pop before and it really excited me.” The track includes some neat percussion and sarangi parts by musicians Nik Nikhil and Shahnawaz Khan respectively while Rey’s vocals lead the song and make it an interesting listen juxtaposed with the other elements.

On the song, the musician says, “’Chanda’ depicts the phase in which one finds it difficult to go back to someone after the demise of a relationship and it’s even more difficult to move on at the same time. It’s about that dilemma and sense of longing that exists in that particular phase.”

The track has been produced, mixed and mastered by New Delhi-based Abhinav Agrawal who also runs a nonprofit organization called Anahad Foundation that works for the empowerment of folk musicians in India. Next, Rey is preparing to release a couple more singles to be out in 2020 which will be thematic prequels to “Chanda.”

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Hear “Chanda” below:

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