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Hear New Releases by Indian Indie’s Women

We round up the latest from singer Monica Dogra, hip-hop artist Raja Kumari and more

David Britto Mar 06, 2020

(From left) Musicians Monica Dogra, Ramya Pothuri, Hanita Bhambri and Raja Kumari. Photos: Parizad D; Courtesy of the artist; Deeksha Rathore; Courtesy of the artist

Monica Dogra – “Secret Sauce”

One of the country’s leading English pop voice, Mumbai-based vocalist Monica Dogra recently dropped the tropical “Secret Sauce” as part of the Sterling Reserve Music Project. On the new song, Dogra croons about how love makes everything magical and fantastic over groovy soca beats and electronica elements (courtesy of producer Keshav Chandradath Singh). “While writing the lyrics, my mind was thinking about the immense courage it takes to express one’s affection for another person,” says Dogra.

Hanita Bhambri – “bored as fuck”

New Delhi singer-songwriter Hanita Bhambri’s new single “bored as fuck” features light acoustic guitar plucking (by fellow singer-songwriter Ramya Pothuri), relaxed vocals and delicate percussion work, with production being helmed by Miti Adhikari. According to Bhambri, the song takes the listener through the mind of a person who cannot get out of an emotional black hole. The musician also encourages people to take their mental health seriously and break away from toxic friendships.

Ramya Pothuri – “It’s Not Worth It”

On her 2019 release “Summer,” Mumbai-based singer-songwriter Ramya Pothuri showed us a new side to her sound which incorporated R&B sounds. With her newest offering, the silky “It’s Not Worth It,” the musician is slowly carving a fresh identity for herself, bringing together R&B and disco elements. What the track does retain from her original sound however is the use of soothing guitar parts, controlled bass lines as well as Pothuri’s lush vocals. On “It’s Not Worth It” – mixed by Mumbai sound engineer Ayan De – the musician sings about dealing with fear.

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Raja Kumari – “Bindis and Bangles”

On her latest release, the hard-hitting “Bindis and Bangles,” Indo-American rapper Raja Kumari offers slick rhymes on a bed of glitzy beats, harmonies and dynamics. The track is an ode to India’s rich and unique culture. The song – produced by Zero – is also co-written by Mumbai hip-hopper Divine. In a statement, Raja Kumari said, “’Bindis and Bangles’ is my most ambitious project, working with an all-female team was empowering and inspiring.”


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